11 October 2022
Community Pubs, Shops and Local Housing

Rural communities need active community pubs, shops and local housing schemes and that’s why I have long praised Mid Norfolk for already having a wonderful track record of leading the way in this regard.

Rocklands, Beeston and Gressenhall are just three examples of local communities in our area rallying around to provide services for their fellow residents, as well as create hubs of community spirit that bring people together and help so many.

I was delighted to join Hastoe Housing and the Plunkett Foundation’s event in Parliament yesterday to help shine a light on these vitally important community sectors, attending alongside Alex Begg of The White Swan community pub in Gressenhall to praise him and his team, and speak up in support of accelerating the rollout of such initiatives elsewhere.

I look forward to visiting The White Swan in person soon, and to supporting all of our local community assets in the weeks, months and years ahead.

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