Pet Abduction Bill

Pets — from lap cats to working dogs — are a part of our families. Their theft should be treated as such – it is not a victimless crime.

As a pet owner myself (of Tosca our elderly cat and Jassy my fox-red Labrador), I can only begin to imagine the pain my wife Fiona and I would feel if they were to be taken – and, throughout my time as Mid Norfolk MP, I have spoken to devastated owners and families on countless occasions – such as the Potters who had their golden Labrador Daisy stolen in Old Buckenham in 2017 and Dan’s Ice Cream who had his dog Patch stolen from beside his ice-cream van.

That’s why I am proud to be supporting the Pet Abduction Bill through Parliament – speaking vocally in the House in its favour and also sitting on the Select Committee.

Pet Abduction is an issue which tears families apart, leaves emotional scars on owners for years, and can deprive people of the comforting presence they need to tackle challenges such as mental health.

I am determined to work with colleagues to ensure the punishment fits the crime – and that the police have the powers they need to convict those guilty of this awful crime.

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