Fighting for A Rural Premium and Fairer Funding for Rural Public Services
George Freeman MP outside Breckland Council offices

Rural counties like Norfolk have always suffered from disproportionately high energy and fuel costs compared to urban areas – a fact seldom reflected in the Whitehall funding formulas.

However, the sudden energy price inflation caused by Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine has led to a massive increase in fuel and energy costs over the last two years which has significantly added to those pressures and now means we are facing the perfect storm.

For too long, rural areas have been overlooked by Whitehall officials who focus too much on policies designed for cities and urban communities. 

That’s why I’m using my new freedom as a backbench MP to step up my long ongoing campaign and lobby the Prime Minister, Chancellor and ministers even harder ahead of the forthcoming Budget and General Election for a Rural Fuel and Energy Premium and Fairer Funding for Rural Public Services.

Ahead of the Budget 2024, I wrote to and met with the Chancellor to directly ask him to include in his Budget measures to help tackle the crippling impact of disproportionately high energy costs on rural communities. (See my letter here)

I also:

  • Raised these issues with the Secretary of State at DLUHC OPQs, see here
  • Spoke to BBC Radio Norfolk about the importance of the campaign, listen here
  • Mobilised c.30 rural MPs, as well a wide variety of high profile rural agencies and organisations, and a number of local Mid Norfolk pubs, GP surgeries, businesses, care homes and community groups, behind my campaign and letter to the Chancellor

I am determined to do all I can to be Mid Norfolk’s strongest voice on these key issues – and will continue to work hard to campaign for greater targeted funding and support.

To stay up to date with my work, please regularly visit my campaign page here for updates. (And check some of my related campaign pages – such as ‘Fairer Rural Schools Funding and Support’ and ‘Backing Local Businesses’ here).

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