13 March 2020
Tackling Disconnection: My Crusade for Better Connectivity and Opportunity for the People and Places Left Behind

Thats why I...

  • Launched Mind The Gap! in 2003 
  • Launched PositivePolitics! in 2004 
  • Launched The Norfolk Way in 2007 
  • And why I continue to drive forward my ongoing campaign for a major government effort to modernise our infrastructure and better spread opportunity – here in the East and nationwide. 

This region – and this country – is home to some of the most exciting sectors of fast growing economic innovation in the world, creating new companies, clusters and careers for a new generation, and the science and technology that underpins them. 


  • Poor infrastructure and connectivity means that areas like Mid Norfolk –in fact much of rural and coastal East Anglia – only 50miles or so from Cambridge – sees very little benefit.
  • This means continuing pockets of deprivation and poverty which with better access to jobs and investment would disappear.
  • And it means that the overall growth potential (and therefore tax receipts for public services) of our country and region is held back.

This is bonkers.

Having had a career helping found and finance high growth companies in that space – particularly in Biotechnology, MedTech, Agritech and Cleantech – I can see huge opportunities for our area and our country if we can invest in good research, help commercialise it properly and build a more innovative economy better connected to the fastest emerging global export markets.

These high growth sectors – which Norfolk and East Anglia is especially strong in – create jobs and opportunities for everyone – not just “boffins”.

Thats why I have campaigned consistently over the last decade for successive Governments to commit to major investment in these areas. 

To see how I am working to deliver on this mission, please do visit some of the other campaign pages on this website and regularly follow my new web-stories, highlighting the work I do on a daily basis both in Westminster and here in Mid Norfolk.