Planning and Protecting Our Rural Landscape and Heritage

Building enough houses to make sure everyone in our area has the chance for a roof of their own, while also making sure we protect our rural landscape and heritage, is often a difficult balance.

That’s why I set up my Norfolk Way Project to promote a new model of rural development, protecting our heritage AND driving a ‘Rural Renaissance’ in our towns and villages with improved transport links and new businesses and opportunities.

Since becoming MP for Mid Norfolk back in 2010, I have worked with local community groups and councillors to promote a more local and organic model of development and make sure everyone’s voice is always heard on planning issues. Whether on protecting the Lizard or saving the Tiffey Valley, where there is a danger of large-scale over-development I will always speak out to make sure we protect our landscape and heritage.

What we need is a long-term local plan. That’s why I will continue to work with local councils over this Parliament to make sure they get proper Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans in place, ensuring development is always in keeping with our area’s traditions and heritage.

Please see my latest updates on my work on this issue below.

Planning and Protecting Our Rural Landscape and Heritage - Latest News